Shine away with our goat hair brushes

Today we received our first batch of goat hair brushes. When we tested the product we were amazed at how soft the goat hair bristles are. The soft goat hair bristles are placed very close together which creates an astonishing density.


But what will a goat hair brush do for my shoes? Well, the high density bristles give a nice glossy finish after polishing your shoes with a shine cloth or regular shine brush. Because the goat hair is so soft it doesn’t scratch the soft polish at all. Goat hair also binds dust to make your shoes even glossier.

Next to polishing regular smooth leather, the goat hair shine brush is also very suitable for polishing reptile skin leather. The leathers coarse structure can make it hard to effectively polish it with a regular brush. We believe that with a high density goat hair brush you won’t experience any problems shining reptile skin or any other exotic type of leather. You can find our goat hair brushes here:

Link to product: (EU / UK).

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