Naturally! 100% horsehair polishing brushes

Leather is a natural product. And so it must be nurtured with natural products as well. Thats why the all of the shoe polishing products of the ShoeCare-Shop are made with natural ingrediĆ«nts. Saphir’s waxes and creams are made with beeswax instead of silicones. The same applies for the shine brushes which are made with 100% horse hair. Horse hair has been fed with natural oils from the horse itself. This is why the hair is so soft and suitable for shoe polishing.

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We advise you to avoid all brushes which have manmade materials processed in them. Man made brushes of any type will scratch the applied polish. Synthetic hair also has the tendency to attract dust particles from the air. So when you try to polish your shoes with these dust filled brushes you’re mixing dust with polish and get a flat shine, not worth the effort. The ShoeCare-Shop offers a range of shoe brushes all made with 100% horsehair. We sell our brushes in set and individually.

Brush set: (Link to product EU/UK)
Saphir Brush: (EU/UK)

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