Synthetic shoe polish VS beeswax based shoe polish

Before buying shoe polish we advise to first check the product label for its ingredients. The standard shoe polish , which you can buy in your local supermarket, is often synthetic and contain silicone.

Silicone-based shoe polish, provides a protective layer over the leather. This layer completely seals the leather, depriving it from oxygen. Leather needs to breathe. Over time, partly because of the moisture on the outside that can’t go nowhere, the leather will deteriorate.

Shoeshine based on beeswax and (animal) oils has the property that it is not only a protective layer on the shoe , but also immediately absorbs into the leather. This way the shoe is protected from within the leather, while being naturally cared for and maintained. Because of the natural ingredients used in the formula, the looks of the leather are longer sustained.

How do you remove old or synthetic shoe polish?
Are your shoes polished with synthetic shoe polish or you are not sure what it is ,just remove the old layers! With Saddle Soap (Link to product: EU / UK) or Renomat (EU / UK) old layers of synthetical polish are easily removed. In the next blog article we explain how. After a good cleaning, you can apply a natural shoe polish like Crème de Luxe by SCS (EU / UK) or Saphir’s Médaille d’Or cream shoe polish, Pommadier (EU / UK).

How do you know if your shoe polish contains beeswax?
A shoe polishing product containing beeswax will promote this on its label because that’s one of its distinguishing features.

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