Picking the color

By regularly polishing your shoes you extend their lifespan and good looks. It’s important that you use a good and natural shoe polish for example: Saphir’s M├ędaille d’Or line of products (Link to products: EU / UK).

After choosing a cream or wax (whats the difference?) its important to focus on choosing the correct color for your shoes. Choosing the correct color for black shoes isn’t much of a difficulty. But for brown or cognac shoes it’s a whole different story. There are many different shades of brown from which you can choose. Between two pairs of “cognac” shoes there can still be a difference in colors. Then which color do you pick?

The probability of a color of a cream or wax matching exactly with the color of your shoes is very small. If you accidentally do find the same color, just go with that one. But otherwise it’s advisable to polish your shoes with a neutral cream or wax and only occasionally polish with colored shoe polish. (With a color that closely matches your shoes). This way you sustain the original color of your shoes.

Colored shoe polish also comes in handy when repairing scratches or any other forms of damage to the leather of your shoes.

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